10 Apr 2012

' Segmen Cik Tyra Lee (Blogwalking + Up Follower) '

Assalamualaikum..hello readers and bloggers

Hi everyone..today i join segment hosted by Miss Tyra lee.
As the follower of this blog is very poor.. :(
So i take this opportunity to joint it!
Hoping this modest blog will have loyal followers and readers.
Happy segment All !!

' Blind LOV3 '

Assalamualaikum and hello readers

Why the love called love is blind??
Because now a lot of love fumble.
So called love are blind.

Love... if sown with the seeds of a genuine love without violating the limit, it will remain until the end.
Love is not wrong as long as the claim does not violate Islamic law and religion.
Just not in love with the case ti taint things,they should not.
soon..you will regrat it.!
You will suffer for love on the wrong path.

Appreciate the affection and Love the Allah bestowed.
Manure love until necromancer Thrones .
Seed of Love to the heaven..InsyaAllah..

8 Apr 2012

Nobody PERFECT!!!! - 2nd entry

Assalamualaikum n hello readers and bloggers.

There is no perfect human creation.If there is a perfect external,internal,there must be infallible.So do you feel it due to lack of humiliti is in you.Because the less that there must be some advantages not available to others.You mentally strong.Continue your struggle.Because eventually you will succeed!!Yeahhh

I Did It My Way - 1st entry from me!

Assalamualaikum and hello readers n bloggers..

Welcome to the blog ' I DID IT MY WAY '.Expected to have reached here will continue to drob from day to day and the next.Hopefully can provide guidance and constructive criticism for me to stay on as a blogger like YOU.The existence of this blog will add to knowledge,a friend and share the story interesting.Wish me gud luck ya.